I really enjoyed drawing these pages, even though they were under pressure – deadlines make me work faster. These are the last two pages to be completed for the presentation of the Independent Study tomorrow.



Amusing coincidences keep on popping up as I work on this project – the most recent is that WordPress released a theme called “Vostok”.

…. as in, the CCCP “Vostok” capsules.



Act II, Scene I

There was a big hiatus recently – some computer troubles prevented me from scanning, editing, and uploading pages. However, I still drew during the gap – Act II, Scene I is complete, and Act I Scene I is almost complete as well!

And the two new pages, finishing this ‘scene’

and two more pages in the first half, getting closer to the blastoff…

Things I love to draw: black-and-white noir lighting for Sasha, and Korolev looking happy. Score!


Luna ‘Propaganda’

Ready for presentation! Soviet Propaganda posters are so amazing, I had to make some homages to advertise that yes, indeed, I’m going to present in May. This is exciting.

(oh, p.s., it says “Luna” in Russian/Cyrillic.)


Will the real Ukrainian please stand up?

I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of this. The last panel was a pleasant surprise when I finished it. I’m becoming confident in my inking again. Also, having a properly installed Photoshop and tablet really helps and makes the digital editing a lot nicer.



How Sasha and Korolev first met. Try to see if you can spot (real) Russian cosmonauts, and also Spock! Somehow Spock snuck in there. I blame my inking hand.

It’s really getting down to the wire now – only about a month until finals and my presentation. I want to get more pages in to show the committee!


I hate needles

I wrote for Sasha to accidentally pull away from his IV, but I hate IVs and needles so much. I couldn’t subject myself and everyone else to that image. Here’s hoping my super-contrast-y, not-illustrating-any-needles solution works.

Also – the alien’s writing system is based on Sanskrit. I think Sanskrit just looks so amazing.


I’m not dead yet!

Frankly I would assume that because I’m thinking, I’m not dead. But Sasha has never heard “cogito ergo sum”.

Speaking of dead, I have really really killed my N1 Copic marker. I’ll have to ink pages and wait to marker them until my order of new N1 and N3 markers arrives.